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Picture of Designer's Choice Bouquet

Designer's Choice Bouquet

From $50.00

"Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities in the World" You can't choose what to send?! and you would like to offer them the world! let our creative designer choose the best flowers and create a beauty worthy of the person getting it.

Picture of Designer's Choice Arrangement

Designer's Choice Arrangement

From $65.00

"A flower does not use words to announce its arrival to the world; It just blooms" Our Designer choice arrangements blooms into the heart of that special one, we will put together the best quality flowers and create a unique design for you whether it is for a birthday, I love you, get well, Mother's day, just because or any other occasions.

Picture of Cheers


From $65.00

Cheers and be happy, Cheers to your success and cheers to a great person you are. you have to smile when receiving this arrangement, it is a happy bouquet, white hydrangea, yellow roses, purple roses, orange spray roses, mini green hydrangea and orange hypericum done in 7" frosted vase. standard size is 12" high and 12" wide

Picture of A New Day

A New Day

From $75.00

A new wish, a new challenge, a new job all of them bring a New Day to our life, a new beginning and a new hope. Red, white and pink, bright, and cheerful arrangement of hydrangea, alstromeria, roses and green all put together in a 9" ginger glass vase. Standard size is 12" by 10"

Picture of Joyful thoughts

Joyful thoughts

From $60.00

A happy thoughts fills our heart when receiving this arrangement. shades of pinks and purple accented with light peach color. Shimmer roses, variegated purple mums, two shades pink gerbera, pink oriental lilies and greens. Done in 7" classic urn glass vase , 14" and 10" wide.

Picture of Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

From $125.00

Picture of Everlasting Beauty
Picture of Classic Symphony

Classic Symphony

From $90.00

Picture of Sunny Day

Sunny Day

From $90.00

Picture of Full of Smile

Full of Smile

From $86.00

Picture of You are in my Heart

You are in my Heart

From $120.00

Red and white, classy and elegant, the white heart filled with the deep love and care of red roses. white hydrangea, white snap dragon, white lilies, white mums and deep red roses accented with spiral and seeded eucalyptus arranged in glass classic urn. Standard size is 18" tall and 14" wide.

Picture of Thoughtful Dish Garden

Thoughtful Dish Garden

From $70.00

Assortment of tropical plants and flowering plants put together in a nice wooden box or basket. plants will be different according to season.

Picture of Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome

From $80.00

Picture of Colorful harmony

Colorful harmony

From $105.00

Yellow, red, purple, pink, white and greens, colors come in harmony to create this happy and restful bouquet for those who need a lift up for the day bouquet, send it and see the smile on that dear face. flowers are, roses, hydrangea, spray roses, hypericum, wax flowers , skimmia and ruscus.

Picture of Hello


From $90.00

Some times all what we need to hear is a simple "Hello". You can not be there in person?! say it with flowers. this simple bouquet is a token of friendship and caring. Each flower peak on its own to say hello. yellow spray roses, hot pink gerbera, pink lilies, purple aster, cream roses, green hypericum and seeded eucalyptus. Standard size is 15" tall and 12" wide in glass vase

Picture of Colorful  Vibes

Colorful Vibes

From $110.00

Red skimmia, blue hydrangea, purple snapdragon, cream calla lilies, orange roses and orange berries, it is Autumn vibes all arranged in gathering glass vase, warm colors of fall, a gift of care and love. standard size is about 16" tall and 18" wide.

Picture of Autumn Brilliant

Autumn Brilliant

From $75.00

rust color mums, orange roses, yellow solidago, white hydrangea, red skimmia and dollar eucalyptus arranged low and compact in a 8"glass gathering vase. A cheerful fall arrangement to enjoy while watching fall leaves scattering around the garden. Standard size 12" tall and 12" wide.

Picture of Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful

From $150.00

Strong Lady, out spoken, daring to do what others don't, BUT she is beautiful like this bouquet, strong colors and daring flowers, white hydrangea, yellow cymbidium orchid, purple deep roses and explorer red roses, white calla lilies, green hypericum and purple liatrus. Each flower, each color stands out but yet, all combined together make a beautiful bouquet. standard size 20" tall and 15" wide

Picture of Spring Vibes

Spring Vibes

From $65.00

Spring vibes indeed, a combination of orange and pink, accented with lime green color, orange to say goodbye to fall, pink and lime green to look forward for the spring time. Striped orange carnation, peach hypericum, pink gerbera, lime green mums, pink alstromeria and skimmia, done in 7" pink frosted vase and tied with light orange shear ribbon.

Picture of Blue Strike

Blue Strike

From $70.00

Striking color of blue and the contrast of white catches the eye in admiration. This arrangement is a gift for any occasion, a baby boy, happy birthday or just because, it is a happy bouquet. We used a striking blue color hydrangea, white lilies, white roses, white mums, accented with purple aster. This arrangement is done in 11" classic urn glass vase, 16" tall and 14" wide.

Picture of Fondest Memories

Fondest Memories

From $150.00

Picture of Shining Star

Shining Star

From $130.00

You are my sunshine and you are my shining star. those flowers shine like the sun, bright yellow roses peak out of the white hydrangea, white calla lilies, white snapdragon, white mums, white lilies and blush cymbidium orchid, arranged in white ceramic vase. Standard size is 14" tall and 16" wide

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